Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Memory Of Chung hwa ... Misss it la...(upload some of it first....too much d :RF:~)


for the long time i dun want to post up most of my picture in secondary school up :RF:
1st reason...
i look nerd = =
2nd reason...
IMage spoil ...

But since it's been 2 years i left my secondary school now :RF:
looks like the past is the past :RF:~

so i decided to post up "some" of my favourite to share v most of u all here XD~

by the way ...

After spending looking at the previous memory....I regret why i dun wan go for Form 6 T.T~ since most of them are form 6-ian ~ ... =( i miss them T.T!!!!!
Memory is memoriessssssssssssssssssss past is past ... by the way at least! i have my lifestyle that time :D

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