Saturday, January 24, 2009

ITs Over every one~~~~~~~~~~~~

HAPPY CHINESE NIU YEAR to every boys and gals out there~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
finally say tata to my final exam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OVerall this time exam thanks to all d god ,顺顺利利 的 can attend every exam without any traffic jam and the question overall is not............................

Quite hard Except malay =]

OK cut the crap ...

last time i upload my picture till where liao ha ?

today i am going to upload my picture ..

let u see how hiao am i durin my secondary school life ~

yeah =] what can i say, Boys are born to be hiao ~
abor gals oso shame shame + shy shy aneh kuan ~

mana eh Ho Seh right :RF:~??

after see part of the pictures, now i noe :RF: that time eh me is like that eh :RF:~