Saturday, December 18, 2010

Straits Quay

今天参加完了堂哥的婚礼以后闲来没事做,父母没做工,跑去straits quay 看一看,吃一吃东西,吹吹海风

straits quay讲真的,还是能跟新加坡的红灯码头媲美=/
在这儿你可以完完全全忘记掉你身处在马来西亚,你可以幻想一下你是在澳洲,好美好美 =D

anyway just another well done project from E&O developer =)

a lovely place for friends gathering , lover pak toh , and family gathering and finally for you to treat as living at oversea


why blogspot doesn't allow me to cut and paste picture .....

i will modify this another day @@"