Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am standing Middle of the Road, I am lost.....

I am a middle man and standing on middle of the road, Yet i am lost...
Could anybody help me out of here?

I just wan pass through the road and go to have a view =/

i just want to back to my own paradise
This...is what i actually hope ..But each time when i nearly reach for it...
SOMETHING NOT ReAlly Good Will happen to me.

tis and ...tis!!!!!!!!!!!!
but then , after a while
problem solved
and new problems come....
Where am i ? and where should i Continue?
Look it infront of my destination...

waaaaaaaaa... still so far.............. yer... when will i reach ?
Anybody bring me go back to my paradise Beach?
I don't wanna be a bitch and standing here...
haiizzzzzzzz.. This Blog represent the 心情 of the author.... =/

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