Friday, November 28, 2008

gurney 的 IGOR.....

我去了gurney =D

Before we went to gurney ... we go for NANDOS!!! once again we are all in nandos.Total was Rm8x ringgit , i wonder if we have the NANDO's REward how much will we save?

and yet i watch d movie .......
IGOR....a hunchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh slave but is a smart gay :RF: who possessed a master degree from his university and have great invention ...

honestly this movie are boring, perhaps i am poor in my english? and yet the movie dun have any chinese subtitle !!!!
wa~~~~~~~~~first time watch d movie without chinese subtitle , by the way this make me pay more attention to listen what the charaters all talking about

nothing fun .... ~ after that went out from gurney building and citcha citcha~
catch d photo
luckily got photographer of the day ,Credit to vincent who use his high technology camera phone touch screen :RF: and with a 3.2 megapixels lense.(yeah i know now camera phone has got its 8 megapixels lense)

FOLLOWING is the picture of the day...

infront of d christmas tree~

yeah ~ ^.^v

yeah a couple from our class....XX说:“做东西要快快抢,看到喜欢的就快下手.”不然 END UP eat yourself. 后悔吧?


~~~~~~~~~~~PICTURE OF THE DAY~~~~~~~~~~~

a stupid photo catch by vincent :RF: yeah wrong pose with wrong action

感言:"其实leh hor...做人最重要是开心对吧?
所以,我因此吸收过了 以前学院的经验,待人处事也好很多了,有时。。。不要把东西绑得太紧,因为你不知道里面的是什么。。。万一是炸弹?。。。嘛死翘翘咯?好好做人吧.白痴的人是看不懂我写什么,我写这段短文是写个天才看的。。。

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