Thursday, February 12, 2009


*lil credit to best cousin who ever edit tis picture :)

Hmm, since I got tagged by cuiling , I have to complete this mission.
Yeah, so I'll explain everything about this first alright.
If you're tagged, you'll have to list down 16 things or facts or WHATEVER of yourself randomly, as long it's related to you.
After writing all those things, you're asked to tag on the other five person's blog and it goes on.

Well, let's start now (:
  1. I'm so addicted to Yiruma-Rivers Flows in you
  2. I am wearing Braces now, and i am going to drop it off after 1 and a half years later.
  3. I'm am a straight guy , speak anything without gone through my brain .
  4. I love K530i which is the birthday present given by my lovely sister.
  5. Sarcastism is my lovely hobby .
  6. I am single now and valentine's day is coming soon :'( .
  7. I'm extremely money-minded,but relationship come first :).
  8. I just hit one mosquito , pIAK!!! GOSH blood coming out from that tiny little mosquito.
  9. I hope i can gamble which i can't get to during chinese new year T.T (neh, i am always a good boy infront of my parents).
  10. My Home lil aquarium has no more fishy, all dead already.
  11. My Mum is a good cooker , i love her unique dishes.
  12. I'm very lazy and everyone knows that.
  13. I'm chatting with cuiling and jeong sheng via MSN now.
  14. My holidays is going to end in 2 and a half weeks time, OMG!
  15. I'm realistic and materialistic.
  16. This is the 20th fact.

Yes! My time to tag.
So, these are the lucky people who got tagged by me!
*And shit, I can't tag cuiling back* :/
- Nicholas
- Patrick the great
- Kent
- Ah Ping .
- keat wei.

Okay, it's your turn to post (:
Don't tag me back or you'll get strike by thunder whenever it's raining.

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-kEatwEi- said...

wa..i was tag..rf..
wait i got inspiration first la =)