Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chinese New YeaR!!!!!! everyone

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey ~ Happy Chinese New Year to all my dude ....

It's been a while for not updating my blog =D
previous blog just like cin cai cin cai blog by posting up some ugly secondary picture :)
but since today i am still in my holidays...Therefore, plan to update a blog which use my TRuely heart :) ...

So , anything fun happened in your Chinese New Year event o.O?

mine, as normal , every year wearing red shirt, and go for my ah ma house for ang pow , eat steamboat, vegetarian at 大年初一,and......picha !
yeah additional picture for this year =) with my cute cousin :)

1st day event:

7早8早就开始起床, 冲凉,greet to my parents for happy chinese new year and ~ 穿新衣带新帽~ , yeah ... All my sibling and my parents did the same thing and all wearing red ~~~ Except my sister (she wearing da cheong sam which is gold in colour ) :)
Then prepare to go to my ah ma house for angpow-ing and chit-chating with my cousin :)
Here You Go ~ for some picture

Red In Colour = 旺~~~

catch it when i arrived at my ah ma house ~.~
tada!...They just wake up = =
still haben bath , brush , and of course MAKE-UP!!

(they do not allow me to put their 素颜picture right up here ) :'(

but if any of you interested :) i am willing to display it on my msn display picha ~ :D)

anyway ,here are some picture catch during first day of CNY~

and i am acting weird XD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MR.Bibubibu driving on Misses Estima with with his smilling face~ credit to Miss cuiling for her photo catching :D

Huh~ we are on on air :)
ka-ching ka-ching ~

PitCha PitCha~ CAtching Ciak Ciak~~~

Another Nerd look~~~~BlueK~~~~

Second day Event

cui ling , 舅舅 , chun li , and i ~ went to da queens bay ~~~~~~~
by the way , is OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!
not much of the shops were open on that day, and not many people were in the mall >< yeah , due to economy crisis ..THe Boss RAn away!!!!!!! all half price ... :D this shop is then filled with lots and lots of people =/ then walk walk again ~ cui ling them feel sienz d go get sunday cone and go back to ah ma house :) ~ what can i say ~.~ boring trip without any shop open =( then catch lot of 自拍照again o.o Pitcha ~ after photoshop =/ being ko ka ugly XD! and i look very very weeird in this picha~


but then after that wait for whole night long, went to guan yim teng for praying ~ and then walk walk at gurney drive
and then go for macdonald
and ate 2 mcflurry ~ , 1 twister fries , 2 coke and ....(forget jor d ) :)

anyway the new orange mcflurry o.o taste bad =/


but then when is time to go back :)
my mother feel sleepy d , then i asked to drive her car, for the first time!!!!!

yeah ~ auto car =/ doesn't require to step clutch is much more comfort =/
i wish i have one rather than my 5 year old kelisa =/


3rd day event

As usual we went for bai nian ,bai nian ,and bai nian ~ get ang pow, ang pow and ang pow.
drink jolly shandy , shandy and shandy, chrysanthemum coke, eat koay ka pek ... and :)
all d chinese new year stuff and foods :)
what can i say :)
every year is doing the same thing :)

then after that cui ling ,cuiin and chun lin went to my house since ah ma house did not have any internet service , they came to my house for internet blogging, chatting and playing games :)


AGAIN!!!!!!!! we
catch picha again =/
this time diffrent = = they feel excited when they say my lappie with the webcamie that has integrated funny webcam software

here are some photos~

Still got tons and tons of it :) but lazy upload it d ...
Then after doing all kind of this funny stuff
we were called to bath because 小舅wanna 请 us go bukit tambun eat 海鲜 =/

and at night eh si we all tiok go there eat lor :)

4th day event

i am suprise that :) my mum told me that we are going to johor .... 就是没有事先通知我咯~吓到一下下~ so i quickly pack my clothes in my bag and follow my 阿姨 去柔佛:RF:~
this time 去的目的是要介绍给小舅新的女朋友认识~希望他明年能结婚~:) and i go there for keh poh-ing ~.

first time so rushy ~

^.^v another nerd look ~ while inside d car ~ i was sleeping along the road ~ sumtimes wake up went for toilet-ing, eating , and again ~ chatting :)

但是另我佩服的是,阿姨车里面全部都是食物,从小冰箱 that contains lots of coke, milo , until bread , cheese, pringles , twisties, EVEN!!!!!! ORANGE and watermelon inside d CAR = =

yeah driving inside d car :) for 10 hours of trip to JOHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

spent whole day inside the car, therefore nothing much to say in that day
at night uncle brought me together with his family went for dinner ~ and eat ~ not a bad dinner anyway~ thank you uncle :)

5th day
Today, erm..... yeah since we are all in johor , food is always what we were hunting for ...
Therefore uncle and 小舅 bring us together go to eat everywhere and anywhere :)

wonderful lunch ~ with johor famous = = chicken rice shop :)
anyway not a bad taste thu~ got 药材汤,fishy, 鲍鱼菇.... and some vegetable :)

after we finish our lunch
we went for movie at my 小舅 house, neh~ his house full of dolby sound system ... when i ask him how much he spent for his dolby sound system ~
guess what = = it costs him around half hundread thousands O.O is just like
需要吗 = =
but honestly the sound effect is marvelous :)

yeah the movie we saw including
SAW,THe incredible HULK, RING and SHUTTER!!!

further decription/details please visit my little cute cousin blog ------> CuiLing
Neh = = i help u advetise ur blog to increase the visitor d :) don't 烦恼d :)
but then she is the one who scare me alot, with her long hair ... WOW is god damm like the character inside d ghost movie :)
i am freaking ....scare for her :)


6th day
After finish the breakfast with johor dimsum!

Today is my parents and aunty uncle family all together go to my future 小舅 wife eh house wanna 酬和 them , and wish that they could 相亲成功 XD!

and we as small kid <--- i think i am including inside 就被halang 去那边kaka ciao ciao~ therefore i follow my cousin together with her fren went to city square , heard that the most popular mall in johor O.O~

Is just like gurney :) anyway not a bad trip .. just a lil bit much of LALAZAI and LALAMEI~

after we walk walk then cuiling eh fren felt hungry , so we decided went to da old town to have our lunch~ we stay there for about 1-2 hours and chit chatting ~ god damm freaking long huh o.o
TADA old town at johor city square, OPS!!!!!! her friend is accidentally inside the picture :)
sorry for not purposely catching jolene photo ~

and i did oso see da kastam is beside city square

and some johor financial building :)

Then late night we were invited to go for da steamboat :)
heard that is it expensive huh ~:) but then anyway ..Thank you uncle , 阿姨 and 小舅 for all the treat in johor ~ :)

P/S:For the week after i have gone through all together with my cousin them ....
i DID learn some new things, perhaps i should call them term ?

1.) GAU WET - honestly i don't know where did they learn from :) but it means 恶心 LOL!!!

2.) SIAMIK/SIMIK - perhaps many already know what is that :) meanning 什么


By the way in the end , All my cousin even dirty minded than me .. i give up jor , PAT PAT i lose them jor ><

INTRO to MY COusin

1.) chun li - yeah 12 year old HIAO king !!!! from day to night all his mind full of !!!,Sex!!!,SEx!!!,SEX!!!!..... porn king perhaps :)

but his brain is full of 坏主意 , any way a smart & cute guy which i ever met :) just not so good in his academic i think :)

2.) cui ling - “ 强奸她,快快!!强奸她 ”,“XX ,你这里有porn 吗"," u come johor blow my axx , then i help u blow jxx" , cant imagine a wonderful 乖乖女 has turn to become like that o.o~ 大跌眼镜啊~~~翠玲。。。。but then , the way she talk really like no passing her brain :)
anyway a cute and pretty cousin :)
P/S: thanks for the accompany when i went to johor , so not really feel bored :)


4.)cuiin - LOL! LOL! nothing happen with her thu ~ ..... cos she a bit 串下 , + a bit become 宅女 liao :) seldom go out with us d T,T make me scare her :( but yet sometimes i like to tease her , sorry ha 被我shoot 到够够粒 :) any way oso considered as nice looking and cute gal :) + u.

p/s: but then sometime if she kind , will be very kind sia :)
( thanks for the sarung when i am in da car while the air cond shoot me)

5.) brandon - 哇!!!宅男啊!!!!!!!!这么大了还哭哭哭har~ :) 有待加善,come on be a brave guy :) , 可是讲真的,他很可爱下的,穿著裤子 SOK 住他的屁股,经典的穿法 . 很少沟通with him ,有点不知道怎么沟通,因为每一次跟他说或都跑到他妈妈的旁边的。。。 为什么!!! 你害怕我咩!??!?!?我会吃人咩?!?!为什么每一次跟你讲话你都跑远远 :( 为什么外婆的男孙子,大多数都是 sipek sipek shy , shame :)

6.)siew ling - cute lil kid :) sipek 可爱 + smart :) but yet can consider she's still a baby :) cos she cannot even talk well with me ko :) 2 year old kid :)

7.) DA ! DA! - think is pronounce till like that o.O? another GoD DAMM shy and shame guy , but then he has girl friend already !!! IS JUST LIKE WHAT THE.... this guy with ”悄悄的我来了,笑一笑我走了。" everytime when i wanna talk with him he just smile smile and walk to his parents there o.o this type of guy can have a girl friend ....WOW!!!!! nearly unbelieveable when i heard this . T.T till now i oso not own one :( but he has already with that type of attitude ... i think next time i should just smile smile :) then walk behind to 大姨 eh back there :) perhaps this type of attitude can get a girl friend for me next year XD!!! but DA! DA! for what i know... is good in hair styling his CURRY PUFF hair ... that's my mother decript it XD!! cos he often 对住镜子 then do his hair non stoply until like CURRY PUFF~ then only come out from da room. LOL!!!!

8.)Brandon's sister - didn't talk at all. NO comment with her :) but heard that she is good in dancing o. O


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