Friday, October 3, 2008

PEK CHEK-ing.....

At first... my brother often told me .. U really wan go study tarC ar ? This college damm brainless mia in their arrangement and their management.. and for their timetable..KO ka brainless...

yeah i now feel d effect d .....monday 2 hours of class.. Friday oso 2 hours of class.. saturday EVEN CHAM ... 1 hour of class .. HEI COME on ... this type of arrangement make we all get MAD k ?

i drive there tiok already 35 minutes liao la..... CUMA GO there study 1 hour wan me back ?

DAMM U TARC......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 waste after studying this sem..
1.)waste money
2.)waste time
3.)waste energy...

1 day RM 5 ----> RM 7 of petrol ..... just to attend 1 class .....
why dont you become smarter ar TARC..... why ? why ? why?

because of the 50% fees cheaper than other colleges than we have to suffer from it ?
is it ?
If we as students are rich tiok no need study ur college liao la... SUMMORE u are "Barang Naik(BN)" mia belongings...hmmmmm.... kesian rakyat malaysia after 18 T.T



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Anubis Jack said...

= ="""""" so kelian ar ....
i also gonna be 1 of them .... but not TARC xD